Schrödinger’s God

Is God dead or alive? That is a question you have to answer for yourself. Before you answer take a moment to consider what I have to say. I feel we are each a god unto ourselves. We need to take time to look within ourselves and find our god. Until we look we won’t know if our god is alive or dead. How can you tell? What are you looking for? Look at your inner self and think about what you see. Are you blindly following the crowds or are you finding your own path? Do you think the negative things in your life are caused by others or by your refusal to overcome the negativity? For a long time I’ve been looking at myself and refusing to look into myself. Now that I have opened myself I find that I am alive, I am a god unto myself and I have to make the choices to make myself a better person. The responsibility is mine alone. The same applies to you. Don’t look at the box (self) and wonder. Open the box and see.

What happens if you open the box and god is dead? Don’t worry. Think back to what I said earlier; we are each a god unto ourselves. If you are alive then so is your god. It is time to nuture your god and begin living the life you deserve.

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