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Portrait Of A Dog

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This is Bubba. He is a Husky mix that my wife and I inherited when my mother-in-law passed away last year. When my wife brought him home I was a bit worried that he would not blend in well with our other Husky and three cats. My worries were for naught as he is a very loving dog. I am happy to have him with us.

As usual, prints are available at Deviant Art.


The Wall South

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The following images were taken at The Wall South Memorial in Pensacola, FL. What began as a tribute to those that served and died during Vietnam has grown to include veterans of all conflicts the United States has been involved in. If you ever make it to Pensacola take time visit the Memorial Park. As usual, prints are available at  Thanks for stopping by.


us_and_pow_mia_flags_06jan14_by_anthonymiller-d7172fx pow_mia_bench_by_anthonymiller-d748wkw korea_memorial_by_anthonymiller-d748wlg pensacola_wall_south_child_by_anthonymiller-d748wm5 pensacola_wall_south_in_memory_of_those_who_served_by_anthonymiller-d748wmy helicopter_over_the_wall_by_anthonymiller-d748wl6

Winter in Pensacola 2014

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It got colder than usual in Pensacola, FL from 27JAN14 – 30JAN14. How cold? Cold enough for ice to cover everything. The bridges to the beaches were closed due to ice forming on them so I was not able to get pictures of the ice that had formed over the sand leading to the tide line. The images below were taken at my home. As usual, prints are available at Thanks for stopping by.


green_ice_by_anthonymiller-d745nue ice_study_2014_001_by_anthonymiller-d748xlp ice_study_2014_002_by_anthonymiller-d748xly ice_study_2014_003_by_anthonymiller-d748xmg ice_study_2014_004_by_anthonymiller-d748ya1 ice_study_2014_005_by_anthonymiller-d748xkc ice_study_2014_006_by_anthonymiller-d748xkh ice_study_2014_hdr_001_by_anthonymiller-d748xkt ice_study_2014_hdr_002_by_anthonymiller-d748xla

Barktoberfest 2013

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Barktoberfest 2013 has come and gone. This is an annual event for dog lovers in Pensacola, FL hosted by the Pensacola Humane Society. If you are looking to add a pet to your family give them a visit as they always have a pet in need of a forever home.

I took 120 photos while I was at the event. These are the 13 I am happiest with. If I’m honest with myself I can probably cut it down to 5 or 6. Enjoy.

Click to enlarge. Prints available by clicking here.

Best Friends Adopt Me Irdin Walking Waiting For GoDogs Little Explorer Blessing of The Pets Mommy Daughter Time Family Time Me and My Human And She Was Zombie Husky Easy Being Green Little Pumpkin

Silver & Red Mustang

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Spotted this beauty and had to get a photo of it. The two images below are the final developments I went with. I’m honestly torn between the two when it comes to choosing a favorite. I’ll leave that up to you.

Silver and Red light

Silver and Red dark

Silver Screen Farewell

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The Silver Screen theater in Pensacola, FL closed in September of 2013. This is our parting image of a local’s favorite. I wanted to show the vibrant colors the locals remember while capturing the sense of desolation and creeping neglect of the theater being closed.

Silver Screen Farewell