Winter in Pensacola 2014

It got colder than usual in Pensacola, FL from 27JAN14 – 30JAN14. How cold? Cold enough for ice to cover everything. The bridges to the beaches were closed due to ice forming on them so I was not able to get pictures of the ice that had formed over the sand leading to the tide line. The images below were taken at my home. As usual, prints are available at Thanks for stopping by.


green_ice_by_anthonymiller-d745nue ice_study_2014_001_by_anthonymiller-d748xlp ice_study_2014_002_by_anthonymiller-d748xly ice_study_2014_003_by_anthonymiller-d748xmg ice_study_2014_004_by_anthonymiller-d748ya1 ice_study_2014_005_by_anthonymiller-d748xkc ice_study_2014_006_by_anthonymiller-d748xkh ice_study_2014_hdr_001_by_anthonymiller-d748xkt ice_study_2014_hdr_002_by_anthonymiller-d748xla

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