The Wall South

The following images were taken at The Wall South Memorial in Pensacola, FL. What began as a tribute to those that served and died during Vietnam has grown to include veterans of all conflicts the United States has been involved in. If you ever make it to Pensacola take time visit the Memorial Park. As usual, prints are available at  Thanks for stopping by.


us_and_pow_mia_flags_06jan14_by_anthonymiller-d7172fx pow_mia_bench_by_anthonymiller-d748wkw korea_memorial_by_anthonymiller-d748wlg pensacola_wall_south_child_by_anthonymiller-d748wm5 pensacola_wall_south_in_memory_of_those_who_served_by_anthonymiller-d748wmy helicopter_over_the_wall_by_anthonymiller-d748wl6

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