Where Will The Lines Lead You?


The Blank Canvas

Today I have a visualization technique I call The Blank Canvas to share with you. This is good for stress release and to help with overcoming issues. Let’s get started.

I find for most people it helps to close your eyes as it helps eliminate distractions. You will need them open to read this though. 🙂

Take a deep breath and slowly let it out. This will help you relax and work with your imagination. Take another deep breath and slowly let it out again. When you begin to feel some relaxed continue reading.

Imagine in front of you a large, blank white canvas. Either portrait or landscape, whichever you prefer. Once you see the canvas draw a line across it’s center horizontally. This is your horizon. Imagine the space above your horizon line filling with a light blue. This is your sky. Is it clear? Are there clouds? Where is the Sun, behind you? To the side? There is no wrong answer as this is your visualization. Fill in the lower half of your canvas with a rich green color as this will become the ground. Short grass? Tall grass? It is all up to you.

At this moment you are visualizing a field under a sky, but we want more. Picture trees sprouting from the ground. Big trees, little trees, a mix of evergreens perhaps. Perhaps you see some bushes filling in spaces between and among the trees. Observe the differences in the shading of the trees. Observe the variety of tree types along with their different shapes and sizes.

Let everything outside of the canvas fade away as you focus on the picture you have created before you. Let the canvas become larger. Let it stretch up and down, side to side. Imagine the canvas wrapping around as you allow yourself to step into the world you have created. Feel the ground under your feet. Feel the air moving across your face as the wind moves it. See the trees react to the breeze. Let your sense of smell come into play. Can you smell the trees, the grass and the clean fresh air? Take a moment to simply exist in this world you have created.

Continue breathing. Deep breathes with slow exhales. Let your muscles relax as you begin exploring this world you created. Perhaps you can hear the birds in the trees, the small animals living in your world, let your imagination play. Take as much time as you need to explore your world, your place of peace.

Breathe deep and find yourself relaxing in your peaceful world.

When you are relaxed and ready step back and see the canvas you have painted. Picture the paint slowly starting to run down from the top as it slowly melts away. Breathe and feel your muscles relax as the paint continues to run down and melt away. When you are ready let the last of the paint melt away leaving you a blank canvas you can create with anytime you need to relax.

Open your eyes and continue breathing deeply until you are ready to move on with your day.

You’ll find that not only have your muscles relaxed but that your heart rate has slowed and you can think more clearly than you were before you started.

The world you create in entirely up to you. Perhaps you’ll visit a body of water next time or view a mountain. Let your imagination play, you may even find yourself on a distant planet. Wherever you can imagine.